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 Annual General Meeting 2012

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PostSubject: Annual General Meeting 2012   Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:17 pm

The Annual General Meeting of SJAM SSI was held on 25th September 2012 at 11@Century, Johor Bahru and here's the event coverage!

First of all, before the event started, the group of committee members were busy preparing for the activity early in the morning.

The booklets prepared by Booklets&Registration Committee.


↑ Form Three's.

↑ Form Two's.

↑ The youngest form one's.

And soon the Form 5 seniors arrived.

The arrival of our Guru Penasihat.

Officers who also made their appearance on that day.

Sir Lee Tee Unn.

Sir Alexander Tan.

Opening Ceremony

Our MC and also the Secretary of the event, Chu Cia Min.

A speech from Sir Lee Tee Unn.

Secretary report from senior Cheong Poh Yee.

Senior Ng Pang Li also gave her speech about the Treasurer's Report.

The Souvenir Giving session.

The performance by Form One's.

It's drama time!
A drama prepared by the form three members.

Form Two's Performance.

Release of NCO Results

For the full NCO 2012/2013 results, please click here.

Souvenir Giving&Certificate Giving.

Installation of the new committee board

Lunch time!

While having lunch, all of the members had fun watching Form Four's amazing performance.
Oppa Gangnam Style!

They also sang a lot of songs as well!

The event ended at 1.30pm.
Let's wish for a better year for SJAM SSI!

Photo credits to Shi Torng and other committee members.
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Annual General Meeting 2012
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