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 NCO (Non-commissioned officers) 2012/2013

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PostSubject: NCO (Non-commissioned officers) 2012/2013   Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:08 pm

NCO 2012/2013

Cadet Leader
Lim Wei Shan

Cadet Sergeant
Tee Winnie

Cadet Corporal
Cheng Jia Yi
K’ng Le Xi
Kee Hui Lin
Chu Cia Min
Kerk Li Xin
Yuenn Teh Tong Tze

Cadet Lance Corporal
Dennis Lim Yang Sheng
Gui Kang Min
Gan Ming Yee
Koh Ee Sung
Wong Soon Wei
Ong Hong Yun
Sojourner Chua Yu Xiang
Yap Hao Zher
Maxine Wong Yie Theng
Yeo Shi Torng
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NCO (Non-commissioned officers) 2012/2013
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