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 Breathing Difficulties

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PostSubject: Breathing Difficulties   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:29 pm


- Unnaturally fast breathing.
- Fast pulse rate.
- Apprehension.

There may also be :
- Attention seeking behaviour;
- Dizziness or faintness;
- Trembling, sweating and dry mouth, or marked tingling in the hands;
- Tingling and cramps in the hands and feet and around the mouth.

1 If possible, lead the casualty away to a quiet place where she may be able to regain control of her breathing more easily and quickly. If this is not possible, ask any bystanders to leave.
2 Encourage the casualty to seek medical advice.


- Difficulty breathing.
- Wheezing.
- Difficulty speaking, leading to short sentences and whispering.
- Coughing.
- Distress and anxiety.
- Features of hypoxia, such as a grey-blue tinge to the lips, earlobes and nailbeds (cyanosis).
- Exhaustion in a severe attack. If the attack worsens the casualty may stop breathing and lose consciousness.
1 Take a puff of her reliever inhaler; use a spacer if she has one. Ask her to breathe slowly and deeply.
2 Sit her down; do not let her lie down.
3 A mild attack should ease within a few minutes. If it does not, ask the casualty to take another dose from her inhales.
4 Call 999/112 for emergency help.


- Distressed breathing in a young child.
- There may also be :
#A short, barking cough;
#A rasping noise, especially on breathing in (stridor);
#Croaky voice;
#Blue-grey skin (cyanosis);
#In severe cases, the child using muscles around the nose,neck and upper arms in trying to breathe.

Suspect epiglottitis if:
#A child is in respiratory distress and not improving;
#The child has a high temperature.

1 Sit your child on your knee, supporting her back.
2 Creating a steamy atmosphere may help. This can be done by taking the child into the bathroom and running a hot tap or shower, or going into the kitchen and boiling some water.
3 Call 999/112 for emergency help.
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Breathing Difficulties
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