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 2007 camping theory test and answers

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PostSubject: 2007 camping theory test and answers   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:58 am


This paper contains 2 sections, A and B. Section A are objective questions. Section B are subjective questions. Answer all the questions in the test pad provided.

Section A

1. Which of the following are thermometer?
1 Digital thermometer 2 Mercury thermometer
3 Forehead thermometer 4 Ear sensor
5 Heat sensor

A. 1,2,3,4 B. 1,2,4,5
C. 1,3,4,5 D. 2,3,4,5

2. What is the symptom of anaphylactic shock?

A. Perching B. Red spot on the casualty skinC. Vomiting D. Pain from the spine

3. Where should you check for the pulse of a baby?

A. Carotid pulse B. Radial pulse
C. Brachial pulse D. Femoral pulse

4. Which of the following is an external clue?

A. Warning wrist band B. Injector
C. Trinitrate D. Phenytoin
5. How many pints of blood are use for blood donation?

A. 1 pint B. 2 pints
C. 3 pints D. 4 pints

Section B

1. What are the 4 rules for using a stretcher? 4m
- always test the stretcher so that it can withstand load
- always explain what’s going on to the casualty
- always check the stretcher from time to time
- always tie an unconscious casualty which travel for long distance
2. What are the steps to help a casualty who is suffering from angina pectoris? 6m
- help the casualty to sit down and make sure the casualty is comfortable and reassure the casualty.
- if casualty has medication, let them take it themselves. if necessary, help them
- encourage casualty to rest and keep away from bystanders.
3. What are the 3 things that you should do when you are trapped in a burning building? 3m
- go into a room with window and shut the door and open the window
- put a rug, blanket, or coat against bottom of door to keep smoke out
- keep as low as possible as air at floor level is clearest
4. Name 3 symptoms of anaphylactic shock. 3m
- worry, red spot on skin, face and neck swollen, swollen around eye, shallow breaths, REFER TO FAM 123
5. What are the steps to help a casualty who has severe bleeding? There are 5 steps. 5m
- apply pressure to the wound
- raised and support injured part
- bandage the wound
- call ambulance
- treat for shock and monitor casualty
6. Name 4 ways to secure a roller bandage. 2m
- adhesive tape
- bandage clip
- tucking in the end
- safety pin
7. Define the following terms, anaphylactic shock, fracture, hyperventilation, hypoglycemia. 4m
- REFER TO FAM 123 150 114 241
8. Name 12 things you can find in a first aid kit box. 4m
- 0 to 3 ticks…. 1
- 4 to 7…. 2
- 8 to 11…. 3
- 12…. 4
9. What is the AVPU code use for? 2m
- assess the level of response
10. Why do you perform jaw thrust on a casualty? Explain your answer. 6m
- unconscious casualty must be suspected with spinal injury
- so that the cervical vertebrae do not move
- cervical vertebrae controls breathing
- protect phrenic nerve
11. Name 3 types of stretcher. 3m
- orthopaedic (scoop) stretcher
- trolley stretcher or stretcher trolley
- rescue stretcher
12. What is heart? 3m
- muscular organ which pumps blood around the body and then to the lungs to pick up oxygen. coronary blood vessels supply the heart muscle with oxygen and nutrients
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2007 camping theory test and answers
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